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TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale

It’s that time again, so get your credit cards ready! Teacher appreciation time at TPT! I love this sale the most because I can get things that will help me do some planning over the summer. To get in the spirit of the sale, I thought I’d give you a heads up on some of my new items and bestsellers. That way you can get them for a steal during the sale!

Planning, planning, and more planning

Who doesn’t love a good planner? Weird people, that’s who. I’m constantly refining the way I work, so it’s hard for me to commit to a planner when it comes time to get one. Because of this, I’ve made all of my planners fully editable and reusable! Scoop one of these bad boys up so you can plan in style this summer! Head to my store to check out the six planners I’ve got listed, or check out this blog post.

ELA Handbook

My latest stroke of genius is my ELA Handbook- 52 pages of ELA reference material that would cost $28.00 is over $10 off! You can put into folders and give it your students at the beginning of the school year. It covers everything from grammar to literary elements and sentence types to theme. Or, you can pass the pages out as notes that they collect throughout the year. Before I compiled all the information as a handbook, I copied all my notes on colored paper so that when I handed them out, they knew to put them in the brads of their folders to keep. I’m excited to try the handbook idea this coming school year. I think it will be a great tool to use, especially with review of grammar material they should have already covered but might need to brush up on.

Either way, these pages of notes will save you lots of typing time! You can also read about it here.

Middle School Grammar Bundle

Covers all the middle school grammar TEKS (Texas standards), so you can print and use it easily! You can read more bout it here.

Annotation Academy

Need to teach your kids to annotate? Use this academy to teach, model, and reinforce annotation skills with excerpts from famous short stories, plays, and poems. Check out my blog post for more information.

Literature Circles Materials

I’ve update literature circle materials to provide the rigor needed in secondary English. Eight jobs, job chart, job descriptions, bookmarks, and evaluation sheets- they’re all in there!!!! For more information, check out this blog post.

My whole is on sale, so this is just a little peak at the over 100 products that are on sale today. Don’t forget to use the code GIFT4YOU at checkout to make sure you get all the discounts you can. Happy shopping!