We are The Avengers- Your Staff as Superheros

In honor of Avengers: End Game, We Are Teachers posted If Every Teacher at Your School was One of the Avengers… You HAVE to go and read this. I sent it to our staff, and they immediately requested my takes on who was who. That seems like a loaded question, doesn’t it? But of course, I obliged because, well, it’s fun!

At my school, here’s how it shakes out:

Doctor Strange is our 6th grade ELA teacher that used to teach college classes part time. Captain Marvel is me and one of the Spanish teachers because our rooms are AMAZING! Nick Fury is also me, one of the other Spanish teachers, and a history teacher because we are known as the harda**es. We are all each the Hulk at some point during the year. Black Widow teachers are funny because the kids think they are SOOOOO nice, until they realize their class is hard. This is another history teacher, another Spanish teacher, and a science teacher. The two Thor teachers are both elective teachers (go figure). Rocket teachers are the tech teachers (again, no surprise). The Scarlet Witch is our super cool librarian. Gamora is the algebra teacher (shocker!). Spiderman is our one first year, the drama teacher. We have four Black Panther teachers, and they run the gamut of subjects- math, biology, band, and choir. Captain America also covers some bases- English, math, and science. We have one Star Lord teacher in the history department, and one awesome Hawkeye filling in for a science teacher out on maternity leave. Oh, and then the gym teacher is Iron Man. The only one not represented on our staff is Vision. We’re all pretty social.

The cool thing about doing this is seeing that there were different types of teachers were in each department. For instance, the math department aren’t all Gamoras, and not all the elective teachers Thors. I think this is why our school works so well.

I putting this out there- Take part in The Avengers Challenge! See how your staff stacks up! It was really fun for all of us, and everyone was a good sport. Plus, it’s timely because of the release of End Game!