Me and the fam

Welcome to my brain! Well, sort of. This is my website dedicated to all things English, teaching, Texas, and sarcasm (which gets me through the day). My goal is to have a place to share ideas, discuss topics with other educators, and basically share my successes and failures with a community of people who get it. If you’re not as much of a website person as, say, Facebook or Instagram, you can also go like my Facebook page here and my Instagram is @johnstonselagems. I also have a TpT store where you can find all kinds of stuff to use in your own classroom.

I guess introductions are in order, right? Well, I’m a Texas teacher with 22 years experience teaching secondary English. I have taught everything from 6th grade on up to juniors in public and charter schools. My career trajectory put me on a path to teaching the pre-AP and GT kids, so I have minimal experience with special ed students, other than just using best practices to help all students succeed. I have been married for over 20 years and we have two daughters (help us).

Over my 20+ years, I have experienced many highs, and several soul-crushing lows, with regard to my career. Blogging and sharing with others has helped me tremendously, and I hope that some of what I share can help others along the way. I would love to hear from you, so comment on my blog, leave me a message on Facebook, or email me at kourtney@johnstonselagems.com.

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