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Breaking up the Band- When a colleague has to leave the team

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On Sunday, I got a text message that I really didn’t want to get. There are four ELA teachers at my small charter middle school. We are a funny group- three super, type A women, and one totally laid back, type B guy. He makes sure we don’t spin out of control when plans don’t work, and his easy way keeps us all grounded. He told us Sunday that he wouldn’t be coming back to work with us this past Monday.

He has been sick this year, and we all knew it. But so far the plan had been for him to finish the year. Well, the best laid plans…right?

So we came back Monday with heavy hearts, dealt with the kids’ reactions when the news was shared with them, watched someone else park in “his” spot, and tried to contemplate the rest of the year without his calming presence. It’s been rough.

I just want to say that he will be sorely missed, and we are praying for him all the time. It’s not fair that someone with such a heart for kids didn’t get to finish his year with them. It’s not fair that someone has to try to fill his shoes. It’s NOT fair.

RM, you are in our thoughts, hearts, and prayers, and you are missed.

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