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The Character Study One Pager- An Assessment for Any Novel

We need the bigger, better deal

Every English teacher I know is looking for the bigger, better deal when it comes to assessing novels. We’ve moved WAY beyond the simple book report (I hope), and into the realm of critical thinking, analysis, and synthesis. In recent years I’ve tried the mandala (which you can read about here), the sociogram, the one pager (find more info here), and a host of other activities and assignments in my 20 years of teaching. The character study one pager is a one pager in which the student chooses a main character in the novel or play to analyze and present.

By combining pictures, text evidence, symbols, color, and other representative means, the students creates a complete portrait of the character they have chosen. They have to comment on conflict, relationships, personality, etc. to bring the character to life on paper. They even have to have a representative border!

Here are the components of the Character Study One Pager:

  1. Title & author
  2. Name of character
  3. Border
  4. Four quotes
  5. Analysis of quotes
  6. Correct citation of quotes
  7. Question for character
  8. Answer to character question


Here are some examples of character study one pagers I got from students past years when we read Romeo and Juliet and did literature circles.

Students use their own drawings, as well as digital components, to create their final product. There is more buy in because they get to choose which character they present (although I gave them a list so they wouldn’t choose secondary characters).

Easy to use, easy to grade

I have created my own set of instructions and a rubric that makes the parameters of this assessment clear for the students. The rubric also makes it easier for me to grade with no confusion as to why points may have been taken off. You can find this product in my TPT store. I’d love to hear from you if you use it!

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