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Who is that old lady in the mirror?

Have you ever stumbled into the bathroom in the morning, bleary-eyed and uncaffeinated, only to look up and not recognize the face staring back at you? Yeah, me too. I don’t know if it’s because we are actually having a winter in Texas this year or what, but my skin looks horrendous. Don’t even talk about the fact that my birthday is a month away. Just don’t.

I have more trouble with my skin now than I ever did when I was a teenager. And I’m such a cheapskate that I’ve been using baby soap and Cetaphil as my beauty regimen for years. Now I’m actually contemplating making purchases like lip serum for $60. What?!? Hey, I might have to go there. TJ Maxx has all kinds of fancy shmancy beauty stuff, and it’s discounted. I’ll probably start with some of that.

The weird thing about this is that I just made the decision not to color my hair and see what happens with the grays. And I’m okay with it. It doesn’t bother me. Yet. There are some gorgeous women with gray hair, and I think I could pull it off. Maybe. Maybe if my skin didn’t look like an ad for needing Proactiv or Clearasil I’d feel more confident about the grays.

There is a slight chance that all of this is a way for me to deal with the fact that my oldest daughter is beginning her last semester of high school, and every time I think about her going to college I can’t breathe. I could be focusing on my face because I can fix that, and I can’t make her stay with me forever. I can’t wrap my head around what it will be like when she goes off to find her own life in a few short months. Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED for her. She has done some really hard work in the past year to get to where she is, mentally and emotionally, to make the decision to spread her wings and go away to school. I couldn’t be more proud of her.


She’s so little.