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Who’s ready for next year? This girl!

Look at them! Aren’t they beautiful? This picture is the culmination of WEEKS of work. First the outlining. Then the writing out plans, rearranging plans, and solidifying plans. Then the organization of the lessons into to the binders according to the plans.

I started by curating all the cool ideas that I had seen on Pinterest and Instagram, then I put them in the units where I thought they would work the best.

Next, I wrote out how many actual teaching days I had during the year. I subtracted testing (MAP and STAAR), field trips, the picnic, etc. so I had an idea of what I could actually fit in. Turns out I was able to fit some stuff in that I haven’t before, but that all hinges on whether or not the plans work for the kids. We may have to speed up or slow down, or scrap a unit all together if we run out of time. Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and men.

Then it was writing an overview of the plan for each nine weeks. Followed by breaking it down into daily plan. Next, writing all this down in a planner. Organizing each binder came last.

But. Now. It’s. Done.

That means that I might actually be able to enjoy some of my summer. Of course, I still have to write all the stuff for the unit on Merchant of Venice we are doing in place of Romeo and Juliet, but that’s just one unit. Not a whole year. Oh, and then there’s the materials reviewer job for TEA, my TPT business, and doing social media for my dad’s company.

Oh, and I have to submit a YAG for my class and CPGs for each unit.

Yeah, should be really relaxing, right? Can I just read the mountain of books overflowing next to my nightstand? That sounds like more fun.

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