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The Long Walk to Thanksgiving: Surviving School in the Fall

The Long Walk to Thanksgiving

It’s raining. Again. I think we’ve all mutated and developed webbed feet because it. never. stops. Seriously, shout out to people that live in Seattle. You guys must have superhero levels of optimism and happiness to deal with as much rain as you do. Added to that, it’s cold, like record-breaking cold. Don’t get me wrong, I much prefer fall and winter to summer, but COME ON.

All of this is happening during that interminable stretch of time leading up to Thanksgiving break. You know what I’m talking about, right? If you’re not lucky enough to have fall break (which, thankfully, I do) September, October, and the first part of November feel like a long walk down a road with no end in sight. Normally this time doesn’t really bother me. Like I said, I get fall break so I really shouldn’t be complaining. But for some reason, this year is different. I really think the stinkin’ rain must have something to do with this dour mood I can’t seem to shake. I’m even doing some of my favorite lessons right now, so I’m enjoying what I’m teaching, and the kids seem to be getting into it as well. So what is this funk?

I have started this blog post several times, and deleted most of what I’ve written. I think my confidence in myself is shaken by things other than my job. I mean, my job is AMAZING, and I’m thankful everyday that I work at the school I do, so I guess it feels like whining to say things are feeling a bit off. My hubby is awesome, my kids are healthy and happy (I hope), so what the heck is wrong with me?

If you have any tried and true pick me ups, please share. I know that we can all benefit from little rays of sunshine in our days. How do you get through days that have got you dragging? I’d love to try what works for you!