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A Love Letter to my Teacher Tribe

A Love Letter

Dear Teacher Tribe,

It’s the beginning of our 5th week of school, and there are a few things that you should know. For whatever reason, friends have become few and far between for me. Most of it is my own fault, some of it isn’t. I’ve been told I hold people to too high a standard, and it causes people to disappoint me frequently through no real fault of their own. I also have a tough time stepping outside my home bubble, so I’m not really considered a joiner (which is weird because I used to be). I am dark, twisty, sarcastic, and impatient. I know this about myself, and usually, I’m okay with it. But it can be lonely.

Enter my teacher tribe. When we started back to school, many people were sorry to see summer go. I was because I was sending my oldest to college for the first time, and it meant I couldn’t sleep in and spend unlimited time with my hubby, but I was also extremely grateful. Because I missed all of you.

I don’t care if you talk about my ELA team, my 8th grade team, my 9th grade team, or just our staff in general, I am so blessed by all of you. Our staff is the best group of people I have ever worked with, hands down. When something happens, bad or good, you guys are there. Someone is having a baby? Let’s have a shower and show how much we love them. Someone’s family member is ill? Let’s be there for them, send them a card with our prayers, and show how much we love them. Getting the “we’ve been in school a month, and now we need fall break” blues? No problem, let’s a have a potluck, make delicious, homemade food and show how much we love each other.

When I first started working here, I wasn’t in a good place. Personally, not professionally. I was in the best possible place I could be professionally, I just didn’t know it. I wasn’t friendly, I didn’t really talk to many people unless it was necessary, and I wasn’t really a team player. But through the magic of our school staff, I made it through that first year, and the second year was a whole different ball game. It’s like you guys are an actual family. You can see through someone’s shell, love them through the dark and twisty times (even when they don’t want or deserve it), and help them come out the other end.

I see complaints from other teachers about their school climate or staff morale, and I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what it’s like to work with people that you can rely on, who build you up, listen to your vents, help you believe in yourself, and never kick you when you’re down. They don’t pick up the phone and dial an extension knowing that, no matter who is on the other end, they are going to do whatever they can to help.

I have that, and it is amazing beyond description.

So, wonderful tribe, I hope you know how much I appreciate you. And I know some of you will say, “What’s wrong with Kourt? Why is she being all mushy?” It’s okay, I’m good. I’m not dying or anything. I’m just grateful for you.

Love you guys,


8 thoughts on “A Love Letter to my Teacher Tribe”

  1. Thanks Kourtney. I couldn’t agree more. The best staff I have ever worked with. Well said!

  2. I definitely feel the same way! I feel extremely blessed to be here for my first year of teaching! #lovemytribe

  3. Eloquently said my friend! It is a rarity these days to find a group of people so committed to supporting not only the growth of their students, but also, the growth of the entire tribe! I’m so glad to be a part of it, and glad to have you as part of it too!

  4. Awe!!! You made me all teary eyed. Beautiful words from a Beautiful lady, inside & out!!

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