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First Week Observations from the Middle Grades

First Week Ponderings.png

It’s the third day back, and I’ve finally met all of my students (we are on an A/B schedule). As we begin a new year at my school, which has 6th-9th graders, there are a few things that I’ve observed that I thought I’d share. Some are just things I should already know but forgot over the summer. Others are just things that make me chuckle.

  1. 6th graders like to run. Everywhere.
  2. 8th graders still like recess.
  3. The copy machine can sense weakness, anxiety, and crucial deadlines.
  4. You should never plan on cooking dinner for your family during the first week of school. It’s too hard.
  5. Teenagers smell funny. Not bad, per se, just funny.
  6. Standing for long periods should be an Olympic sport. Teachers would win every standing event.
  7. Eating in 30 minutes stinks. I feel like I’m shoveling my food in just so I can have time to use the restroom. And I shouldn’t bring things that have to be microwaved because it uses up precious minutes.
  8. Teenagers are hilarious.
  9. Laminating is a necessary evil. So much so that, if your laminator at school breaks down, you will actually take it somewhere else and pay for it.
  10. Going to bed at 8 o’clock is nothing to be ashamed of.
  11. Doing dismissal in the Texas heat isn’t much fun.
  12. I am lucky that I have the best job in the world. I love coming to work (almost) everyday.

I hope everyone has a fabulous school year!

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