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Summer Celebration Sale!

It’s officially summer and I am PUMPED! So pumped that my whole TpT store is on sale from June 1st through 4th for 15% off, so if you’ve had your eye on something, put it in your cart! My best sellers are my STAAR review games. I have two for writing and two for reading, along with games reviewing figurative language, poetry, editing and revision, dictionary use, and literary elements.

If you’re like me, summer isn’t the restful two month break that everyone thinks it is. For me it’s rushing to get every doctor’s appointment and dental appointment out of the way, oil changes, spring cleaning that you didn’t have the strength to do during the school year, planning for new lessons, rewriting the lessons that didn’t work last year…man, I’m getting tired just writing this! Needless to say, summer is a time to get everything done that you can so that you don’t have to create sub plans during the year. Or at least that’s my goal.

I hope you find something you like in my store, but if not, support another teacher that is selling on TpT. It’s the greatest place to find emergency plans, worksheets, novel ideas, and much more, and teachers are getting the credit!